Modules are add-on features that can be easily integrated into your Joopk CMS-powered website. They provide an intuitive way for site administrators to display value-added content in a styled and often automated format that makes website management easier, allows website styles to be more consistent, improves website SEO, and keeps the content itself compliant with current web standards.

At Joopk, we only develop modules that the end user and/or website administrator needs to be able manage and control from our website administration panel.

Unlike other leading content management systems, including Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, features for a CMS-powered Joopk website are not open source. In fact, the entire Joopk content management system framework operates as a closed CMS. All of our features, including our custom modules, are designed by the Joopk development team. Our belief is that end users benefit less from an unlimited selection of options that are neither fully supported nor developed than they do from fewer options that are thoughtfully developed, seamlessly integrated, and 100 percent supported by the developers who created not only the features themselves but also the CMS framework they run on.

So if you want a CMS-powered website that easily integrates clean, powerful CMS modules that are intuitive to operate and results generating, look no farther than Joopk.

Currently available Joopk CMS Modules include:

  • Galleries and Image Rotators
  • Single Gallery Module
  • Multi Gallery Module
  • Jquery Rotating Gallery Module
  • Image Page with Jquery Module
  • Feedback Form
  • Website Contact Form
  • Contact Module
  • Customer Service Module
  • Feedback Module