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5 Helpful Logo Design Tips
A good logo has many obstacles to overcome. It must be creative, scalable, and colorful, all while saying something unique about the company, product, or service. Logos are typically built from scratch and as a result must be incredibly flexible. They also have to please people who have strong, often opposing opinions.
Looking at all these requirements, there’s no wonder why many logo projects go off-kilter. That’s why we’ve developed 5 logo design tips to prevent your logo from getting scrapped, or worse, thrown out a year later:
1. Think unique. Ultimately, your business must sell a product or service. But what makes your business unique? Understanding what differentiates you from your competitors will make all the difference in your logo design.
2. Be memorable. With so many options in today’s marketplace, you want your logo to standout among the crowd. Moreover, people will start to associate your business with your logo—so make it worth remembering.
3. Try, and try again. Develop multiple visuals that you can share with potential customers. This is important because you won’t be able to please everyone. Don’t be afraid to scratch or refurbish your initial design if you have to.
4. Plan long-term. Will you like this logo five years from now? It’s unfortunate, but many logos that are designed with extreme detail and information are often replaced with much simpler icons. Try to demonstrate your brand through minor subtleties.
5. Perception is key. How do you want to be perceived by your customers? Ultimately it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, it’s what your customers think about you that really matters. Keep your customers in mind during the entire design process.
Remember, a good logo is distinctive, simple, appropriate, and conveys an intended message. This will allow for easy recognition and make it memorable to the customer.