Create and Maintain Your Own Online News Room


There’s value to have having news on your website. Not only does it demonstrate that you are updating your website regularly, but it also adds credibility that others notice you—be that bloggers or journalists.

Joopk understands the importance of having a newsroom on your website. That’s why every website developed through our Joopk CMS comes standard with news administration. Whether you have corporate news or landed major coverage in the Wall Street Journal, our content management system makes easy for you to display your news for clients and customers to see.

The news tool is also conveniently located at the bottom of your page under the “controls” tab. Once opened, begin by adding a title, date, and short description. Then paste your news into to the body of the page. Click insert and your news will publish immediately to your website.

Have news you want to share? Start building your website today with Joopk!